October 16, 2018

Alpine Sports Club

The Alpine Sports Club was started by Ms. Sano after a student came in hopes of sharing their interest in Alpine winter sports. It was started 25 years ago and though it was an Alpine Ski club, it had now transformed into a club for all including the 8th graders at the middle school. The trips include Friday nights to Gunstock Mountain and weekends Sunday River. Every several years the group has a trip to Austria to ski in the Alps.
To partake you need to listen to the announcements to know when the trip is happening and then get a form to have your parents sign off on. The cost for most trips is around $75 to $100, which includes the cost for the bus and lift tickets. Tickets cost around $50- $75 and the cost of the bus depends on the amount of students participating. You may also want to bring money to buy food at the lodge.



DECA is a co-curricular club aimed at preparing students for the future. DECA is mainly focused on business whether it is through local, state, and national competition or our school-based speaker series. However, the skills students learn during these competitions and speakers series are transferable, meaning that they can be applied to almost any job in the future. This includes confidence in public speaking and during interview. DECA also brings our school closer as a community through several community events such as the ice cream social and ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Usually, when they have meetings it is to discuss what is happening in DECA or if there is a competition coming up soon. Those meetings are mainly informational. However, they do have workshops to help improve skills in public speaking or using technology. Also, the speaker series brings in business professionals to speak of their experiences. For smaller meetings, they meet in Room 209. However, if they have a larger meeting it will be in the music room. Meetings are not on a week-to-week basis but when a meeting or workshop is coming there will be announcements over the PA in the morning and flyers around the school, so look out for those! If someone wants to join DECA he or she can grab a membership form outside of Room 209 or the school store. Unsure about joining DECA? Please talk to Mrs. Wheeler, our DECA Advisor, or any of the officers (Tyler Vesey, Lauren Verge, Julia Putnam, Emily Vanderwilden, Valerie Wise, Cam Guyer, Eli Leonard, or Lily Waterman) to find out more about DECA.

Environmental Club

Environmental Club

Ms. Petrucci has helped to rebuild this club, focusing on learning and spreading awareness about ways we can reduce our carbon footprint, cleaning up the environment, and becoming a healthier community. During the meetings, members take action by educating the community, sponsoring speaker sessions, and partaking in activities.

The meetings are on Thursday in 404, the health classroom, at 7am. If you want to stay updated on the progress of the club you can follow the twitter account @hwenvironmental. If you have any questions you can send an email to, or join their google Classroom. The code is ymah9q3.


Interact is a community service club similar to Rotary International. Interact helps communities on three levels, the first being local. They help with doing smaller things like toy drives, turkey drives, and helping with Acord food pantry. On the national level, they raise awareness by doing things like the Polar Plunge in February. They eve help support international causes by helping four children in Nicaragua and traveling to Peru every few years to hep help communities in need. Interact meets during the first part of powerblock every Monday’s in Room 204.

Generals for Christ

Generals for Christ is a student-run organization. The current leaders are Paloma Lee and Gabe Berthoud. Generals for Christ was founded ten years ago by a group of students who wanted to create a community of people that gathered to learn about Christianity. They meet every Wednesday at 1:40 in Room 203. Anyone is welcome to come to the meetings and join the discussions.

Model UN

Are you interested in international politics? Do you like to problem solve?
If so, Model UN could be the club for you. Model UN students participate in conferences where members simulate an actual UN conference. Members are assigned a country’s perspective and given a world problem. Their task is to use their country’s resources to work together to solve this issue. The goal for members of Model UN is to learn how to speak publicly, negotiate, research, and learn how to debate using parliamentary procedure. Model UN participates in conferences held at local colleges such as MIT or Saint John’s and at the State House’s Hall of Flags. Meetings are Thursdays in Room 109.

National Honor Society

National Honor society is a unique service club offered at the the end of junior year and the beginning of senior year. The reason this club is unique is due to the educational standards that are required for members. Member of National Honors society do service activities like tutoring and recycling. In order to become a member of this service club you must meet the character, educational, and leadership standards. National Honor Society sends out invites to students who meet their standards during the spring of junior year.
For any student looking for a NHS tutor please email Dr. Sauriol at [email protected]

The General Consensus

The General Consensus

The General Consensus is our student newspaper. This year our newspaper has been revamped with the help of Mr. Hickey. General Consensus is now an elective and a club. The student newspaper was created to give a voice to students and to give information about the school and the community. Members are in charge of photography, web page design, writing and much more. To get involved students can either take the elective or join the club. The clubs meets Thursdays in Room 116. Listen to the morning announcements for any changes in the meeting time

Political Club

Are you interested in current events or politics?
If so, this could be the club for you. In Political Club, members get together to discuss current events in our country. Members of Political Club will get to learn about our governments and political system while sharing their opinions and listening to others views on a variety. This club is mostly student run and is currently led by Jack McMahon and Pete Hosler. Meetings are held in Room 111 every Monday. Follow their facebook page @hwpoliticalclub for more information.

The Robotics Club

Sarah McMahon

Mr. Shippen teaching members of the Electrical Engineering section.

The Robotics Club

The Robotics Club was started this year by Mr. Shippen and Seniors Richard Paul and Sean Li. The Robotics Club competes in the F.I.R.S.T. robotics competition. Robotics Club is divide into four sections: computer programming, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and marketing. The F.I.R.S.T. robotics competition starts in February. In the beginning, members learn the skills needed to compete in the competition. Meetings are Tuesdays in Room 200.

Science Olympiad

The Science Olympiad only has 3 members so far. They are planning to meet once a week but have not yet determined when or where. Meetings will be spent discussing cool advancements in science and preparing for competitions (if enough students wish to compete). This is the first year HW is offering this club, so it’s a great time to get involved and help shape how it runs! Anyone who is interested can see Mrs. Dolan, the club advisor, before or after school.

Kings of the Beach

Kings of the Beach

Kings of the Beach is a student run a capella group. The current leaders are Lauren Verge and Will Glovsky. They hold tryouts every year to choose their members. In the upcoming months, Kings of the Beach has several concerts. Meetings are held at members’ homes on Thursdays from 6:30 to 8:30.


The Yearbook is in charge of creating the school’s yearbooks. Members take pictures of school events and create the layout of the yearbook. The yearbook may be a lot of work, but student get the opportunity to share a year full of memories that will live on forever with their help. If you are interested in joining, just go to one of their meetings that are held on Mondays in the STEM Lab.

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