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People who are pro-choice protesting to keep abortions legal.

Roe v. Wade and Why it Should Stay

Shelby Laurajean, Student Journalist May 31, 2022

In 1973 Roe v. Wade forced the Supreme Court to not only discuss abortion rights but pass abortion rights. Ever since reproductive rights got passed, the states have created more than 1,074 laws to restrict...

Menstrual products come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the needs of the person menstruating

The Freedom of the Period Products

Ava Jewitt, Student Journalist May 19, 2022

How many times have you come to school without one very important item? Unfortunately, for many students, that item can often be menstrual products. It’s embarrassing enough to ask a student you may...

A 6:15 wake up via alarm clock is what some students will face 5 days a week.

Too Early to be a Good Morning! 

Sophie Keys May 10, 2022

Sleep has a significant impact on everyone’s mental, physical, and emotional health, and it needs to be taken more seriously. As a school district, Hamilton-Wenham should recognize the impacts of getting...

This interlocking ignition device, seen here, requires the driver to take a breathalyzer before being able to start the vehicle.

Ignition-Interlock Device: Can It Save People?

Owen Schmidt, Student Journalist May 5, 2022

According to the National Highway-Traffic Safety Administration, about twenty-eight people die every day in drunk-driving crashes. That would be the loss of someone’s life every fifty-two minutes. Alcohol...

Foamed Latte from Atomic Café in Beverly, MA. Lattes have a little less caffeine than coffee, but they should be consumed at a minimum.

The Benefits of Going Caffeine Free

Ariel Greenberg, Co-Editor, Staff Writer May 3, 2022

Even though many teens believe that drinking coffee is the best way to wake up and be alert for the school day, caffeine is actually doing more harm than good to the teenage body. While caffeine...

Urgent care located in North Beverly.

Save emergency rooms for emergencies

Exploring whether one should got to urgent care or the emergency room
Shelby Laurajean, Student Journalist April 28, 2022

People need to go to urgent care rather than going to the emergency room for minor injuries. People are clogging up the emergency room necessarily due to a lack of knowledge. They end up waiting longer...

Landscapes Drawn By Students in Studio Art 2 At Hamilton Wenham Regional High School

Taking Art to a New Level at HWRSD

Sydney Amero, Staff Writer March 1, 2022

At Hamilton Wenham students are surrounded by a competitive and rigorous academic environment. Students are pushed and challenged in STEM, history, English, and foreign language. In a school where excellence...

Students support the girls volleyball team in their elite eight matchup against Advanced Math and Science Academy.

Bring fans back to the Regional

Harrison Stein January 24, 2022

As the quarterback steps into the endzone untouched, the crowd, upwards of 5,000 people, erupts. This was the scene at the Westlake High School vs San Marcos High School football game in Texas.  Westlake...

Photo showing the Capitol Building, where Congress decides on important issues.

Congress Must Declassify the Senate Report on CIA Torture

Christos Meimeteas January 21, 2022

On September 20th, 2001, US President George W. Bush announced the "War on Terror" following the September 11th terrorist attacks. One objective of this campaign was to procure intel on terror threats...

Young girls looking at social media can spiral comparing themselves to influencers

Crushing Self Esteem One Follower at a Time

Norah Keys, Staff Writer January 2, 2022

Have you ever been scrolling on your phone and happen to look up and notice the whole day has flown by? The sky is dark, and you now have 10 more insecurities you are worrying about? This has happened...

Student bubbling in their answers on a standardized testing answer sheet.

Is standardized testing an effective way to determine a student’s intellectual ability?

Birima Tanona, Staff Writer December 17, 2021

The intellectual capability of students should not be represented by a test that extensively favors students with a skilled ability in timed testing. Time and time again, students have had their academic...

Ms. Sette addresses triggering content that occurs in The House on Mango Street with her ninth grade English class.

Triggers, Trauma, and Teaching

How trigger and content warnings should be addressed in the classroom as sensitive conversations become prevalent in today's society.
Sophie Keys November 30, 2021

As mental health awareness becomes more prevalent both in education and society, the idea of trigger and content warnings becomes an important thing to discuss. As societal norms have been challenged...

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