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The General Consensus

The Student News Site of Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School

The General Consensus

The Student News Site of Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School

The General Consensus

Students of the small gas engines class at work in the metal shop.

Requiring shop classes ensure students are prepared for any future

Max Consolazio April 10, 2023

Hamilton Wenham regional high school has several classes in stem learning. To name a few,  introduction to engineering, computer-aided design, and manufacturing. These classes teach vital skills like...

Music Should Be Allowed in Classrooms During Work Time

Naomi Provost March 28, 2023

For many students, listening to music is not always an escape, but instead, they use it to help them lock in and focus on what they are doing. Music has often been proven to help you focus and get tasks...

The before and after of a viral TikTok filter “Bold Glammor”

Why Social Media Creates an Unrealistic Standard for Youth

Taylor Aptt March 22, 2023

Within the past decade, social media has influenced the beauty standards of teens. As platforms become more advanced, advertising continues to promote older content to younger audiences.  Because...

All schools should dedicate a course to climate change

Climate Change Education Should be Mandated

Gillian Horner, Staff Writer March 17, 2023

Schools are supposed to prepare students for their futures, but they cannot do that without educating them about climate change, and the future of the planet they live on. Teaching about climate change...

James Bird’s The Brave, Donna Gephart’s Lily and Dunkin, and Paige Rawl’s Positive: Do the Authors Properly and Responsibly Represent Bullying?

Cassi Sullivan March 14, 2023
This critical essay won a Gold Key from the 2023 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. CONTENT WARNING: Please be aware that this essay discusses topics including bullying, self-harm, and suicide. It also contains strong language.

Schools should require extracurricular participation

Alex Boardman , Student Journalist January 12, 2023

Extracurricular activities like clubs and sports are very important and should be required by the school to ensure that all of their students are staying connected with the schools provided activities.  As...

Extracurriculars Should Not Be Required

Caroline Ciriello, Student Journalist January 12, 2023

Extracurriculars should not be required. Although such activities can help students stay active and social, sometimes it doesn’t work for everyone.  Some students  have jobs after school that they...

Podcast-High School Student start school later

Reese Murzic and Alison Bouchard January 12, 2023

In this podcast, sophomores at Hamilton Wenham Regional, Reese Murzic and Alison Bouchard, explain the pros and cons of a later start time for high school students.

An altar made for Tupac Shakur on Day of the Dead. Photographer is John. W Schulze.

Why are rappers dying so young?

Shelby Allen, Student Journalist January 8, 2023

We all know by now that many of the rappers/artists that made it big are now dead. Mac Miller overdosed at 26, Pop Smoke was shot at 20, 2Pac was shot at 25, Juice Wrld and lil peep both overdosed at 21,...

Vote yes on Question 1 to help improve public schools, infrastructure, and transportation in Massachusetts.

Vote “yes” on Question 1 for a more equitable Massachusetts

Olivia Soolman, Student Journalist & Editor October 28, 2022

Question 1 – a question regarding Massachusetts’ income tax – will be on the ballot this November. If approved, any income over $1 million will be taxed an additional 4%. The revenue will be used...

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