How can you make your own club?

November 15, 2018

Say you want to make a Squirrel Watchers Club. First you must meet with Mr. Tracy. During this meeting, he will ask for a description of what the club is, who is involved and what the structure of it is. Then you must write out the answer to these questions and give them to Mr. Tracy. He will meet with you again to make sure that it is sorted out and in return he will try to find you a teacher liaison. All the club has to do is meet the state laws. For example a single gender club is not a good idea since a public school must include everyone. According to Mr. Tracy, “We want everyone to have access to the clubs and activities.” If you have club ideas, Mr. Tracy encourages students to “start it, and try it.” Make sure to advertise it and get people involved.

The main problem with clubs in this school is sustainability. You must find a core group of kids that will continue to lead the club after the creator graduates. Anyone can create a club not matter his or her grade level.

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