Science Club

Science Club


The science club is open to any and all students who are passionate about science and wish to learn about more ways they can explore their interests. Different projects and competitions can be pursued and connections are made with scientists at local companies who act as mentors. For example, this year’s group has decided to enter the international “Genes In Space” competition for the chance to win cool prizes and a chance to launch their own DNA experiment into space and attend NASA’s space camp. Scientists from Cell Signaling Technology in Danvers have been mentoring student teams and helping with their proposals.


Current student leaders:
Nidhi Pillai & Chloe Ting


Meeting Times:
The last 15 minutes of powerblock on Wednesdays in room 124


Who can Join/How to join:
Anyone can join using the google classroom code and/or showing up to a meeting: l8rxbw


Essential Contact Info:
Mrs. Dolan, room 124 or in math/science office