My Rainbow

Written by Joey Allen - Grade 12

October 16, 2018

Our troubles are ever growing, ever changing, like the harsh torrent of a hurricane

Your problems and mine together, one after another like an endless rain

But together we can clear the rain clouds and let the sun shine through

Because together we are strong enough to clear the skies and return the once beautiful view


I’ll be the sun that shines bright just for you, whenever you’re cold and alone

I’ll be the downpour that washes away all your worries and fears of the unknown

I’ll be the thunder that echoes through the silence that you hate so much

For you I’ll be the gentle wind that you can reach out and touch


Together our love will blossom like a new spring rose

Shielded from the downpour of our problems as it’s beauty grows

Without you I am like thunder without lightning

An echo with no purpose is truly frightening


You’ll be the earthquake that shatters all of my looming sadness

You’ll be the serene mist that keeps me from madness

You’ll be the wildfire that ignites in me heated passion like nothing I’ve ever felt before

To me you’ll always be my rainbow, so divine and beautiful as to make me forget all my woes forever and more


No matter how hard the rain beats down on us, I’ll keep you dry

And no matter how wild the winds may get, I know I’ll never have to say goodbye

Because the worst storm in the world couldn’t keep me away from you

And even the brightest stars on the clearest night could never compare…

To my beautiful Rainbow

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