Katerina Makogonov

Outing Club students climb on the rocks at Singing Beach on October 16.

Outing Club

A popular club is the Outing and Adventure club with Mr. LaSelva. This club focuses on getting outside and doing a variety of activities that involve moving and exercise. The club tries to go somewhere at least once a month.

LaSelva says they have “done things from kayaking to using our ropes course right here, we have climbing going on, cycling, some type of winter hike. If you have a dog, bring your dog, and we’ll all go on a walk.”

LaSelva goes on to say, “outing clubs on the college scene are like really happening things; they’re a great social group for kids to join and meet other people ”

The outing club is a great opportunity for people who want to meet new people and get outside. Students can talk to Mr. LaSelva to get access to the google classroom,  but there are also flyers around the school that have the google classroom code.

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