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January 12, 2023

Mrs. Clapp, the forensics teacher at Hamilton Wenham regional high school, has decided to share some helpful insight that will prepare the Generals as they begin gearing up to take on the midterms.

She said, “the best advice is don’t wait!” Students shouldn’t try to cram all their studying in the night before the test, but instead, dedicate a bit of time each night in the weeks prior to the test date. This includes reviewing old materials as well as the study guides that so many teachers have created in preparation for the midterms.

Additionally, she urges students who have questions about the material or the test itself to reach out and contact their teachers, who are more than willing to help.

As for the midterms themselves, Mrs. Clapp recalls, “the other big piece of advice during the midterm is do not panic.”

  • Research shows that if you study in the room where you are going to be taking the exam, you can prepare yourself by mentally storing different facts that will be used on the test around the room. For example, you can tell yourself that you will put all the facts related to “x” in the back cabinet in the classroom.
  • Don’t rush! Even though it may seem in your best interest to get the midterms done quickly, it’s really not. Take your time during the midterms; if you have an objective test with multiple choice, read the question to yourself without looking at the answers, then ask yourself the important question, what is my teacher asking me? Once you have formulated an answer, look for the correct choice on the test.

For forensics-specific advice, Mrs. Clapp tells her students that forensics midterms are not like typical midterms; students will be rotating through different stations where students are directed to perform physical on-demand tasks. “You will be applying what you’ve learned in a do-situation.” She encourages students to think about the big topics covered throughout the school year thus far. Finally, she wishes to assure her forensic students that they will actually really enjoy this midterm.

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