Music Should Be Allowed in Classrooms During Work Time

Student learning

For many students, listening to music is not always an escape, but instead, they use it to help them lock in and focus on what they are doing. Music has often been proven to help you focus and get tasks done more efficiently than not listening to music. However, listening to music while someone else is speaking could be better when trying to take in information. Still, when trying to study and retain information, it has been proven to be beneficial.

A Stanford study says, “music moves [the] brain to pay attention.” When listening to music stimulates the brain and makes it easier to accomplish the task you are trying to do. Not only has this been proven, but students have found it helpful to have music playing in their headphones when trying to complete their work. When trying to solve math equations and problems, having some background noise makes it easier not to get distracted and helps me break down the steps to what students are trying to focus on.

Music is one of the key sources of reducing overall stress. When working on a large assignment that’s due the next day, high schoolers often cram the work in and try to complete it in a small amount of time. Music playing while doing this has demonstrated a better work ethic in a short time.

A  study published by Webmd says, “listening to music can help you relax and lower stress, which can help you as you study.” Lowering stress can help people focus better and concentrate on the task at hand.

However, listening to music can also be a distraction if misused. Music should be used to help complete tasks but is sometimes used as a distraction from listening to information; for example, it can be distracting when students are trying to listen to teachers or lectures and initially trying to retain information.

Music has been proven to help you focus and reduce stress and is also one of the solutions to many other issues. On Hopkins Medicine’s website, they say, “Research has shown that listening to music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain as well as improve sleep quality, mood, mental alertness, and memory.”

Music has so many benefits and should be utilized during school hours. If used correctly, it can have learning and health benefits.