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Personal Training Opens Doors For Everyone to be Physically Fit

Mariah Boys
Sam Butts is showing us how to do a Rotational Chop.

The gym or training space can be intimidating for people just starting out. For this reason, Sam Butts, the Director of Sports Performance Training at the Manchester Athletic Club (MAC), knows that learning all about the individual is important. Sam works with people of all ages and athletic ability.  

Butts tries to make all of his clients the best athlete they can be for physical health and fitness reasons as well as mental well-being.  

Butts adds, “When a client comes to me, my aim is to get to know them – what their goals are, what motivates them, their reason(s) why they are starting their journey, and I help them feel comfortable with the foreign environment. I want them to feel they belong and can make the changes they are hopeful to make.”

Butts adds A big part of this is selecting exercises that are in line with their goals.”

Many different people seek out personal trainers, from athletes to people just starting their athletic journey. 

Butts said, “Athletes training for the upcoming season [often seek out trainers]. These may be beginners hoping to learn the basics or experienced athletes looking for personal programming to take their game to the next level, but all with more focus on their sport’s demands.” 

Also, people recovering from an injury often seek personal training to get back on track safely. 

“Along with the guidance of a medical team when needed, I focus on getting these clients or athletes back to baseline and tripling down on the basics,” Butts said. 

“Finally, there are those looking to make very specific lifestyle and aesthetic changes. This client or athlete seeks out personal training for more than the fitness side of things. They usually make a global change to their everyday lifestyle that includes nutrition, stress reduction, and improved sleep.”

Butts want to emphasize that it’s not just about exercise; it is also about the trainer-client relationship. 

At the MAC, Butts sits down with clients and gets to know them, figuring out what their goals are, training history, injury history, and lifestyle. He wants to understand their sleep & nutrition habits and daily stressors since all performance and aesthetic goals are built on that foundation.

Many would benefit from a personal trainer. Most people struggle with self-motivation to work out safely and efficiently. Having a personal trainer helps educate people on how to exercise safely, provides mental motivation, and “keeps them honest” to complete their workout to the best of their abilities. 

Personal training can also enhance an established athlete’s performance. Hamilton Wenham Athletic Director Craig Genualdo mentioned that personal training develops strength and can improve performance in an individual sport, depending on the training plan’s development.  

A wide range of professional athletes use trainers.  Competitors ranging from Roger Federer to world-renowned athletes such as Michael Phelps, a 23-time Olympic Gold medalist, use personal trainers to enhance their games.

Personal training has become so widely accepted that it is now accessible to the average nonprofessional athlete. Most gyms have personal trainers that members can work with, and some gyms also have classes that personal trainers lead.

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