Student Elections

Freshmen class President Jessi Cooper giving her speech.

Mr. Beckwith

Freshmen class President Jessi Cooper giving her speech.

On Wednesday May 29, all freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, voted for student officers to lead their class. The freshmen met in the auditorium, the sophomores in the cafeteria, and the juniors in the middle school multi-purpose room. Candidates prepared speeches and students listened closely. After much anticipation the winners were announced over the intercom at the end of the day. These are the results.

Student body officers:

Secretary: Caroline Dent

Treasurer: Domenic Brown

Vice president: Connor Ryan

President: Tom Kain


Class of 2022 class officers:

Representatives: Luke Domoracki, Ariel Greenberg, Sarah McMahon, Sophie Strozier

Secretary: Ryan Luo

Treasurer: Claire Nistl

Vice president: Claire Kurja (cor-ee-ah)

President: Jessi Cooper


Class of 2021 class officers:

Representatives: Samantha Bucci, Iona Murray-Brown, Jack Stewart, Sydney Rahilly

Secretary: Rosie Safford

Treasurer: Abbey Crocker

Vice president: Ethan Howell

President: Grant Landon


Class of 2020 class officers:

Representatives: Gabi Cooper, Ben Mulry, Rachel Lee, Olivia Patt

Secretary: Kate Riccio

Treasurer: Chris Tsoulvalas

Vice president: Alden Johnson

President: Addy Gordon

Next year the class officers are looking forward to organizing, and participating in more service projects like the Water Bucket challenge. We would like to thank and congratulate the newly and relected officers for their hard work in the election process.