Will President Biden’s Plan to Reunite ICE Detainment Families Fail?


Flickr via Creative Commons License

Outside of one of the many ICE facilities

By the end of 2021, President Biden planned to close all ICE detainment centers and reunite families that were divided during Trump’s term, but the COVID-19 pandemic has led many to question the validity of the plan.    

One of Biden’s Campaign promises was to stop deportation during his first hundred days in office and reunite all families in ICE Detainment Centers. However, given the number of COVID cases, the health administration is concerned about a possible rise in cases if America keeps them here.

According to the White House website, they had originally promised the immigrants would stay in America. But with already 500,000 deaths due to the virus this year, the number of cases and death will continue to climb.

Biden is facing a life-changing decision for many immigrants. Should the US risk more cases or keep the promise? 

“The Government shouldn’t make them wait any longer after what we have put them through,” said Julie Cahill O’Shea, a guidance counselor at HWRHS and participant of the Social Justice club.

So far, President Biden still has no confirmed answer on the matter. Either side is valid, but it comes down to keeping a promise and getting more cases or letting them wait in cages until Covid is more cleared.