Masks No Longer Required

Mask wearing is now optional in the Hamilton-Wenham School District


Students may choose to go maskless in Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School starting March 4th at 3:45pm

Thursday, March 3rd the Hamilton-Wenham School Committee voted to change the mask policy. Masks will no longer be mandatory in the high school and middle school. Mask wearing will be optional and considered a personal choice on school property.

There are a few exceptions. Masks are still being required when entering the nurse’s office. Masks must also be worn for 6-10 days after returning to school following a COVID infection. Finally, if you are in a positive pool test, you must wear a mask until someone in the pool has been identified as positive.

The administration shared this information in an email and a zoom meeting held on Friday morning.  The interim Principal Mr. Bryan Menegoni reminded students that they must be respectful of others’ decisions regarding mask-wearing and that there would be repercussions if students do not treat each other appropriately.

These announcements from the administration also urged students to participate in the pool and at-home testing to help ensure the health of our community as the mask requirement becomes optional. 

Menegoni said in his email, sent on Friday morning, “I sincerely appreciate your efforts over the past two years. Life has not been easy. But because we have worked together and taken measures to protect ourselves and the community, we are in a better place today and now have the option to remove our masks.”