Why are rappers dying so young?


An altar made for Tupac Shakur on Day of the Dead. Photographer is John. W Schulze.

We all know by now that many of the rappers/artists that made it big are now dead. Mac Miller overdosed at 26, Pop Smoke was shot at 20, 2Pac was shot at 25, Juice Wrld and lil peep both overdosed at 21, XXXTentacion was shot at 20, king von was shot at 26, big scarr overdosed at 20, Notorious B.I.G. was shot at 24 and the list goes on according to rap wiki.

Some think is an unfortunate tragedy (and it is), but there is a recurring problem. Drug overdoses and gun violence. Neither of these are new to America, neither have been fixed in America. The government is not all to blame, so too are the management companies that are in charge of these artists along with violence on the streets.

Lil Peeps manager Belinda Mercer along with FAE (First Access Entertainment) is awaiting trial for Peeps wrongful death. They have been accused of supplying Peep with the drugs that he overdosed on (fentanyl and Xanax).

The man that dealt Mac Miller the drugs he overdosed on will now face 17.5 years in prison, according to NPR. Juice Wrld died from a drug-induced seizure in a Chicago airport, according to TMZ.

Pop Smoke, 2Pac, XXXTentacion, King Von, and Notorious B.I.G. all died from gun violence, according to TMZWhether it was because of a home invasion or robbery, drive by or a heated argument at the end of the day they all died the same way, gunshot wounds.

Is this all just a coincidence? They are all rappers after all, it’s the “gangsta” lifestyle. Over the past 30+ years, rap has really had an up rising because of the golden age of hip-hop. This means drugs and gun violence on the streets has also had an uprising.

Lil Peep on the cover of his “Hellboy” album. Photographer Miller Rodríguez (aka: Pretty Puke).

These artists need more protection, and management companies should take more precautions when being assigned to a new upcoming rapper. Drug and alcohol abuse is a huge problem in the entertainment industry and needs to be addressed by the artists, the public/media, and management companies.

This is all the more reason to advocate for drug safety and responsible gun laws so that these artists can have a full, happy, and successful life and career.