Trends In Our School


Gretchen Callahan

Mr. Walsh in his causal Friday outfit

Gretchen Callahan, Photography and Video Editor/Staff Writer

Throughout the years the trends that students follow have changed many times. And this year’s seem to be no different. But what about the teachers?  Do they have trends they follow?

Recently, flannel and denim have had big clothing impacts, and Hamilton-Wenham hasn’t escaped its grasps. This invasion of fall clothing styles hints that clothes from when our parents were kids are back in.

Converse, Vans, jean jackets, and all things that scream “eighties!” are back in style, and everyone loves it. For some it is reminiscent of John Hughes and his supply of hit teen movies. But for others it just means that the leaves are changing colors, and winter is coming.

And while new students come and old ones go, different styles are added to our repertoires. This year at HWRHS there are several new trends and some that haven’t changed. Students this year continue to use their trusty North Face backpacks, like in years past.


As most things change in our school, teachers, on the other hand, haven’t changed much, in my opinion. Ironed button-ups and ties, dresses and sweaters, and skirts and leggings. You don’t have to look far to see any of these classic duos.

One thing that has changed, though, is casual Friday. Now teachers can come to school and invoke a passion of learning while wearing jeans and their favorite HW gear. Your favorite educators now have a new style and it is all the rage.

It is good to see somethings change, but it is also good that some things stay the same, and I personally am glad the teachers haven’t changed too much.


Some other student trends:

  • Vintage anything
  • Denim
  • Band tees
  • Mom jeans
  • Sherpa jackets
  • Converse high tops
  • Big colored scrunchies
  • Hydroflasks
  • Nike Air Force Ones