Diving into a new season

Erica Luo, Staff Writer

Ipswich YMCA—Come support your dive team this Sunday! The first CAL dive meet of the 2018-2019 Swim and Dive season will be hosted at the Ipswich YMCA on December 16th at 6:30 PM. All teams in the Cape Ann League will be participating.

HW Diving is coached by Stephanie Forte, and this is her first year with the team. Eliza Kerivan, Linnea Schenker, Micah Katz, and Colin Leary will be diving at this meet. This will be the first high school competition for many of our divers.  

Each diver will perform 5 dives in at least 4 different dive categories. The categories are forward dives, back dives, inward dives, twisting dives, and reverse dives. The athletes will be diving off a one-meter springboard.

Most dive meets are held between two schools and are followed by swimming. This meet is exclusively for diving and is an opportunity for athletes to compete with divers from across the league.

Good luck to our divers!