To Kill A Mockingbird Classic comes to life for HWRHS ninth graders


Ariel Greenberg, Co-Editor, Staff Writer

To Kill A Mockingbird is an award winning novel that was written by Harper Lee in 1960. This novel is about a young girl named Scout, who lives in a Southern town with her older brother Jem and her father Atticus. Atticus is a lawyer who handles a case that is very hard to understand at Scouts age. Scout finds herself in a dramatic world with mystery all around her. This novel acknowledges the issues regarding race through the trial of Tom Robinson


On January 19, the To Kill A Mockingbird musical will have its big debut at Stage 284, a theatre company located at the Community House. Directed by Katie Clarke, the play will run from January 19-27.


Mr. Hickey, the head of the English department at the middle and high school, has decided to take the ninth graders to see the production as part of their To Kill A Mockingbird curriculum. To Kill A Mockingbird is Mr. Hickeys favorite book to teach.


The English department decided to take the ninth graders to see the play even after they read the novel because, “We hope students are forced to think about their own understanding of the novel and consider what they might do if they were responsible for putting Mockingbird on stage.”

Mr. Hickey says that To Kill A Mockingbird “is an important book for ninth graders; [it] focuses on the theme of growing up and seeing the world in new complex ways.” He also added that “Especially as readers find more about Boo Radley and experience the injustice of the Tom Robinson trial, Atticus’ lesson about understanding other people’s perspectives is a crucial lesson for ninth graders entering the high school and starting to make decisions about their futures.”


The ninth grade will be going to view the live action musical on Wednesday, January 30th.