Onto the next competition: Generals Robotics wins rookie award


Source: Mr. Shippen’s Twitter

Part of the Generals Robotics team at their competition in Revere, Ma.

Alison Campbell, Staff Writer

This past weekend the Hamilton-Wenham Generals Robotics Club headed to another competition. From March 22nd to March 24th the Generals competed at Revere High School. This club, also known as team 7822, placed 26th out of 28 teams with a total of nine points.

Although 26th place does not qualify the team for the next competition, they will still be moving on. The Generals Robotics Team won the Rookie Award and because of that they will continue to compete. The Robotics Team was one of the three rookie teams competing and beat out two other new teams to earn the rookie award.

Their next competition is approaching and will be in April. As they prepare to compete again, they will try using new strategies they observed from other teams during previous competitions. They will also work on improving their robot.

Because of the Generals Robotics Team’s hard working spirit, they have been able to improve their robot before each competition. Before this past weekend’s competition the Generals Robotics Club was able to add a software update implementing turbo mode in their robot. This allowed their robot to drive faster than some of the other robots they were competing against.

During this three day event, the members of this club spent long hours in the Revere gym. They worked on their robot to get it ready to pass inspection and to compete. These were very exciting days for this new club as they competed in their second ever competition.