Movie review: The Coin Heist

Caitlyn Story, Ava Cote, and Hannah Vidu


The Coin Heist is a Netflix original movie starring Alex Sasson, Sasha Pietrerse, and Alexis G. Hall. It is about a Philadelphia prep school that loses a total of 10 million dollars. This leads to cancelling most clubs and sports. The kids at the school are very angry at this, four of them decide to come up with a plan.

The plan is to break into The United States Mint and steal coins to help their school. In addition to the main plot, many of their students have other problems such as relationship struggles and problems with the police.

Some things in the movie were very interesting. I liked how they developed the characters relationships with each other. Dakota and Jason, who did not even know each other, developed a strong relationship.


I did not like how predictable the events were in this movie. It was very obvious what was going to happen. Nothing drastic changed throughout the story. Another thing I did not like was how unrealistic it is. It was very weird how prepared they were in this amount of time with very little work.  

I like how the students thought they were doing something good. They even said they were not stealing, they were just creating coins. I think this could bring up interesting conversations.

This would be a great movie for people interested in fiction and minor teenage drama, but it was not my type. It’s ratings on IMDb, of 4.8/10, speaks for itself. In my opinion, it does not deserve anymore or any less.

Here is the link the movie on netflix: