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Refugee care near Poland boarder train station Przemyśl Główny

Ukraine: What You Can do to Help

A protest in support of Ukraine in Munich, Germany.

Millions of Ukrainian citizens are currently displaced from their homes and seeking aid as Russian military forces sent by Vladimir Putin continue to enter the country. The images of Ukrainian families sheltered in subway stations and Russian tank convoys leave people abroad feeling like they need to take action. But what action can individuals take from thousands of miles away?

Showing solidarity through social media or attending protests shows Ukrainians that they have worldwide support. Additionally, donating to charities is another option to help Ukrainians directly. Many websites collect donations for Ukraine, but before contributing any money to an organization, do some research to ensure that it is not a scam. Below are several trustworthy charities to donate to.

Razom For Ukraine

Razom For Ukraine was created in 2014 after the annexation of Crimea, it aims to maintain democracy in Ukraine and ensure civil rights for Ukrainian citizens. Donate here or look through their Linktree for more resources.

Voices of Children

Voices of Children is a Ukrainian Organization that provides psychological assistance to children affected by the war since 2015, and is currently assisting in providing psychological and psychosocial support of children and families affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Donate money here.

A Ukrainian family at the Siret border crossing in Romania receives a meal from World Central Kitchen (World Central Kitchen on Twitter)

World Central Kitchen

Founded in 2010 by chef José Andrés after an earthquake in Haiti, World Central Kitchen provides meals to people in times of crisis. Currently they are providing meals to Ukrainian refugees in Poland, Romania and Moldova, as well as partnering with restaurants within Ukraine. You can donate stock, crypto and money through their PayPal here.

Save the Children

Donations to Save the Children will go towards helping children and their families affected by the war. Your donation can get food and blankets to the children and face masks to the health workers that are on the front lines. You can donate money here.

Kyiv Independent

The Go Fund Me for the Kyiv Independent, the money donated will go to the newspaper to ensure that Ukrainian journalists will be able to continue their work during the invasion. Donate here.

Sunflower of Peace volunteers prepare packages to be shipped to Ukraine. (Sunflower of Peace on Facebook)

Sunflower of Peace

Sunflower of Peace is a Boston based organization that collaborates with other organizations to provide aid to Ukraine. They are collecting donations to provide medical and humanitarian aid. You can donate money, buy items from their Amazon wishlist, or drop off items at the Melrose City Hall. Donate here.  

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