Theatre Workshop’s disorienting and brilliant performance of “Wake Up Call”


Nora Burnett

HWRHS Theatre Workshop’s cast of Wake Up Call by Stephen Gregg

Brendan Callahan, Editor-In-Chief/Graphic Designer

This year’s Theatre Workshop one act production, Wake Up Call, was very well-received by the Hamilton-Wenham community. A comedy by Stephen Gregg, Wake Up Call depicts seventeen-year-old Jim, (played very endearingly by Chris  Tsouvalas,) who wakes up from a nightmare concerning his girlfriend Rochelle…and then wakes up again…and again…until it’s not quite clear what’s a dream and what’s reality.

Adding to the confusion, Rochelle is played by Kate Riccio, Sydney Rahilly, and Kate Rubel—a different cast member to play Rochelle each time the nightmare involves her character. This proved to be a clever device to keep the audience just as disoriented as Tsouvalas’ Jim.

Another standout and crowd-favorite, Helen Peppler, plays a very believable Jim’s Mother—an energetic contrast to Broderick Kelly’s performance as Rochelle’s Dad, the eventual victim of a murder.

The production’s set of precisely-moving individual walls also assisted in immersing the audience in Jim’s unhinged dream world, showcasing the committed nature of the show’s ensemble of poets, the stealthy tech crew, and Mr. Christopher Shailor’s and Mr. Brett Burnett’s smart direction.

Congratulations to all involved for a wonderful performance!

Below are Wake Up Call‘s credits as listed in the Drama Fest program

Wake Up Call    
by Stephen Gregg

Jim – Chris Tsouvalas
Rochelle – Kate Riccio, Sydney Rahilly, Kate Rubel
Mother – Helen Peppler
Dad – Broderick Kelly
Poets – Will Glovsky, Miranda Maciejowski, Gianna Randazzo, Maggie Kelley, Matt Parr, Ian Castracane

Production Staff
Stage Manager – Xander Favazza
Lighting – Sam Caswell
Costumes/Makeup – Max MacDonald, Helen Peppler
Poet Wrangler – Will Glovsky
Live Sound – Caden Clark, Amanda Full
Technical Crew – Caden Clark, Amanda Full, Mia Stebbene, Justin Lee
Festival Managers – Emily Minster, Julia Sauriol
Directors – Mr. Christopher Shailor, Mr. Brett Burnett
Special Thanks – Mrs. Nora Burnett, Dr. Michael Harvey, Mr. Eric Tracy, Mr. Bryan Menegoni, Cotton Talbot-Minkin, Jeff Walsh, Karen, Peanut, Spud, Squish, Faculty and Staff, Hamilton Wenham Friends of the Arts, & The Theatre Workshop parents