Mr. Bucci discusses retirement and plans for the future


Courtesy of Mrs. Burnett

Mr. Bucci’s yearbook pictures from when he started teaching to now.

For the first time in decades Mr. Bucci will not be returning to his classroom next fall. After 34 years of teaching at HWRHS Mr. Bucci is retiring.

The history department will be missing one of its most hardworking and valued members. While teachers and students are preparing for the next school year, Mr. Bucci will be preparing for his next chapter, which will include traveling, learning Italian, and even learning an instrument–although he hasn’t decided which one yet.

There have been many changes to education at this school since he started teaching. The most memorable change that Mr. Bucci recalled throughout his years teaching is the use of technology in the classroom. When he first started to teach there was hardly any technology being used in class, but now he has adapted his class and is using technology on a daily basis.

When asked  whether he will miss teaching, Mr. Bucci had mixed feelings. He won’t miss getting up at 5:30 every morning and grading eight page research papers in the spring, but there are some aspects of teachings that he will miss. He has a true passion for history and education. “I was lucky I like history and I got to be paid to do history… not many people get paid to do what they enjoy. I consider myself lucky.”

I was lucky I like history and I got to be paid to do history…not many people get to work at what they enjoy. I consider myself lucky.

— Mr. Bucci

History will still be a big part of his life through his reading and travels, but Mr. Bucci will miss being the one to teach history to young interested students.

“It’s been really great to work with relatively motivated students and outstanding colleagues,” Mr. Bucci said, when asked about his favorite part of teaching. He enjoyed working with students who wanted to learn and were willing to work hard to get the A in class that is so sought after. He particularly relished his time with the other talented staff working here.

When asked about his teaching and his contributions to this school, Mr. Bucci said, “ I try to create an atmosphere in the class where students feels comfortable and an atmosphere of seriousness as well”. 

I try to create an atmosphere in the class where students feel comfortable and an atmosphere of seriousness as well

— Mr. Bucci


Mr. Bucci makes sure his class is a place where everyone is interested and engaged, while keeping the class well behaved and focused.

Throughout his years teaching Mr.Bucci has had a tremendous impact as a colleague and educator at Hamilton-Wenham. A fellow teacher, Mr. Hickey, describes Mr. Bucci as “someone that lots of teachers look up to and will very much miss when he retires.”

Mr. Bucci may be leaving Hamilton-Wenham, but he has many plans to keep him busy. He is an avid traveler and plans to spend much of his retirement time visiting many culturally rich locations. Mr. Bucci already has a trip planned next year to Amsterdam and then Florence. Mr. Bucci has been to Italy many times and has even taken students on school trips.  He considers Florence “the greatest city in the world” and will argue with anyone who disagrees.

When Mr. Bucci travels, the historian in him comes out and he “likes to go to the cultural highlights of any particular city, places of historical and cultural importance.”

There is no doubt that Mr. Bucci is a talented educator who is well loved by students. One past senior, who was reflecting back on her entire school career, wrote, “I really enjoyed Mr. Bucci’s class as he is a very well spoken and funny teacher. I can recall having many class discussions and interactive components to that class that made [the material] really stay with me.” Many similar things are often said about Mr. Bucci now, as most students enjoy his class immensely and find it challenging yet intriguing.

We wish Mr. Bucci a long and productive retirement.