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Where Does One Learn About Childhood Development or Cooking Nowadays?

Junior Emily Rooney and Maddy Rostad cooking in the teachers' lounge

Audrey Wang, Staff Writer

December 2, 2019

Many students today might have once faced a dilemma like this: Their parents are out for dinner but forgot to leave money for pizza. Teens find themselves asking the question: What do I do? In the 1970s, this was not a question; students felt confident in their cooking abilities because of a class ...

Cheerleading: Why It’s Considered a Varsity Sport

Cheerleaders at the Thanksgivinng Game

Grace Holladay

November 18, 2019

The place students at Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School usually see cheerleaders is at football games. During these games, cheerleaders are seen shouting encouraging cheers with smiles on their faces, and performing impressive routines including high kicks, jumps, and more. However, cheerleading is ...

Fourth and Goal

Fourth and Goal

Matt Dearborn

November 1, 2019

  Experience. That's what the issue appeared to be for the Generals' football team at the start of the 2019 season. With new and returning players on the field, the team’s chemistry still had a few bugs to work out.  34-7 and 41-15 losses were not the results the team was looking for. ...

The future of STEM

The future of STEM

Alison Campbell and Audrey Wang

June 13, 2019

Are you interested in science, technology, engineering, or math? There are over seventy careers connected to the STEM field, which means that the world is in need of students who are interested in science, technology, engineering, or math. Are you interested in finding ways to incorporate what you ar...

Service for heart

A police station in Nicarauga

Lisette Leonard, Staff Writer

June 7, 2019

    More often than not students want to engage and make a change within their community. We see many examples of this in student-led protests in the press today, such as the Parkland students who have used their voices and courage to push for gun reform and progress within in our soci...

Travel Journal: My Trip to Peru!

You can always see the mountains in Cusco.

Erica Luo, Staff Writer

June 6, 2019

Day 1 Lima Today was our first full day in Peru! Surprisingly, I woke up on time even though I only got about 4 hours of sleep. At breakfast, there were these small round things that tasted really good. They looked like hash browns, but I’m not sure what they were made out of. Maybe potato? The o...

Kings of the Beach doesn’t go to the beach: inside student music groups Kings of the Beach, Dell Belles, and Harmony

2018-2019 members of Kings of the Beach

Brendan Callahan, Editor-In-Chief/Graphic Designer

May 20, 2019

You’ve probably heard of Kings of the Beach. If you’re new to the Regional, maybe that name sounds strange, but to members it is second nature. “Kings”—as it’s most commonly referred to—is Hamilton-Wenham’s student run co-ed a cappella group. When I asked co-student leader Lauren Verge ...

The General Consensus’ evolution: a note from the editor

A look into the design process and Journalism classroom.

Brendan Callahan, Editor-In-Chief/Graphic Designer

April 12, 2019

Dear Reader, Welcome to The General Consensus, Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School’s student news source. Our staff includes students in Journalism class, outside writers and photographers, and teacher advisor Mr. Hickey. This year, along with creating content and building a team, the newspaper ...

Mr. Bucci discusses retirement and plans for the future

Mr. Bucci’s yearbook pictures from when he started teaching to now.

Vivienne Willett, Staff Writer

April 12, 2019

For the first time in decades Mr. Bucci will not be returning to his classroom next fall. After 34 years of teaching at HWRHS Mr. Bucci is retiring. The history department will be missing one of its most hardworking and valued members. While teachers and students are preparing for the next school...

Honeycomb Bakery: Hamilton’s hidden gem

Honeycomb Bakery: Hamilton’s hidden gem

Kate Convey, Staff Writer

April 12, 2019

A small bakery sits on Bay Road in Hamilton. As you walk in the door, you are hit with the delicious aroma of the freshly brewed coffee. The newly baked pastries are displayed inside a glass case, and the low hum of voices pulses throughout the room. Honeycomb was started by Lauren Kroesser Moran, who graduated f...

Student spotlight: Klaudia Rushi — from student to athlete to influencer

Klaudia Rushi ('20) modeling an Ultimate Prom dress at Hamilton-Wenham's 2019 Junior prom

Emme Whitehead

April 11, 2019

From 7:40 to 2:20, 6 hours and 40 minutes that’s how long Hamilton-Wenham Regional high school students spend in school every day. When the clock strikes 2:20 everyone is in position to sprint to their cars, navigate the parking lot and say “goodbye” to this place for a day. They are ready t...

An adventure in Peru

Machu Pichuu, April 2017.

Molly Doane

April 11, 2019

Have you ever dreamed of seeing new places, learning about and experiencing different cultures, meeting new people and helping different communities? Our school provides a once-in-a-lifetime chance to explore the diversity of Peru and experience the lessons from Spanish classes firsthand. You can ex...

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