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Photo of Steve Sawyer, Dave Sawyer, and Ava Cote by Leo Kagan

“He embodies the word ‘coach'”: The Inside Scoop on Coach Steve Sawyer

Leo Kagan, Staff Writer May 25, 2022

It is a sunny spring day at Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School. The thermostat reads seventy degrees Fahrenheit, and through the windows at the end of the math-science hall, one can view dozens of young...

HWgivesback Is Back!

Ariel Greenberg, Co-Editor, Staff Writer October 20, 2021

Beginning on Tuesday, October 12, the Student Body Government has planned a food drive to stock the shelves of the local Acord Food Pantry. Each year, the school hosts several fundraisers such as this,...

HWRHS students enjoying a trip sponsored by the Spanish program at Hamilton Wenham

Language Acquisitions’ Role as the Bridge Towards a Globalized Country

Exploring Why Learning a Second Language is Important
Julia Tsappis, Staff Writer, Co-Editor June 15, 2021

At the Hamilton Wenham Regional High School, students are required to take a language course until the tenth grade. Junior year is the point where students have the opportunity to decide whether they want...

Generals football player Christa Coffey, Class of 2022, prepares to enter the game.  Photograph courtesy of Mr. Leonard Dolan.

Christa Coffey Kicks Her Way into HWRHS’ Football History

Coffey says, "I . . . did it for myself, and the experience."
Hadley Braillard and Meryn DiSimone April 16, 2021

Christa Coffey is breaking down barriers and making history at Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School. Christa, a junior, is the first girl to play for the Generals’ High School football team. Christa...

Organic Waste Program

Sienna Gregory January 24, 2021

The video above reviews the Organic waste program in Hamilton.

Junior Emily Rooney and Maddy Rostad cooking in the teachers lounge

Where Does One Learn About Childhood Development or Cooking Nowadays?

Audrey Wang, Staff Writer December 2, 2019

Many students today might have once faced a dilemma like this: Their parents are out for dinner but forgot to leave money for pizza. Teens find themselves asking the question: What do I do? In the 1970s,...

Cheerleaders at the Thanksgivinng Game

Cheerleading: Why It’s Considered a Varsity Sport

Grace Holladay November 18, 2019

The place students at Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School usually see cheerleaders is at football games. During these games, cheerleaders are seen shouting encouraging cheers with smiles on their faces,...

Fourth and Goal

Fourth and Goal

Matt Dearborn November 1, 2019

  Experience. That's what the issue appeared to be for the Generals' football team at the start of the 2019 season. With new and returning players on the field, the team’s chemistry still...

The future of STEM

The future of STEM

Alison Campbell and Audrey Wang June 13, 2019

Are you interested in science, technology, engineering, or math? There are over seventy careers connected to the STEM field, which means that the world is in need of students who are interested in science,...

A police station in Nicarauga

Service for heart

Student advocates making a difference
Lisette Leonard, Staff Writer June 7, 2019

    More often than not students want to engage and make a change within their community. We see many examples of this in student-led protests in the press today, such as the Parkland students...

You can always see the mountains in Cusco.

Travel Journal: My Trip to Peru!

Erica Luo, Staff Writer June 6, 2019

Day 1 Lima Today was our first full day in Peru! Surprisingly, I woke up on time even though I only got about 4 hours of sleep. At breakfast, there were these small round things that tasted really good....

2018-2019 members of Kings of the Beach

Kings of the Beach doesn’t go to the beach: inside student music groups Kings of the Beach, Dell Belles, and Harmony

Brendan Callahan, Editor-In-Chief/Graphic Designer May 20, 2019

You’ve probably heard of Kings of the Beach. If you’re new to the Regional, maybe that name sounds strange, but to members it is second nature. “Kings”—as it’s most commonly referred to—is...

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