ChatGPT, the future is here

How will it positively and negatively affect our education and overall society?

ChatGPT is an openAI that generates almost human-like responses imputed from people on the website. With ChatGPT being this forward it can generate articles, answer questions and even write whole papers for you with just a simple input of information. While ChatGPT can be used positively by people and businesses it also has many downsides. 

In an article published on, Daniel Herman, a high school English teacher, said chatGPT was “ the end of high school English”. He is not the only one who thinks that chat GPT will affect the ethics of the high school learning system. 

Many people believe that chatGPT will eliminate the need for critical thinking and overall effort being put into learning and sharing information. This could put an end to communication in our schools and limit communication in our communities as well. 

Another problem that Foxbusiness has pointed out was hat chatGPT seems to have an opinion. when asking chatGPT to write a positive poem for Donald Trump it responds saying that it can not produced any opinions revolving politics, however when asked to write a poem about the positives of Joe Biden it is able to complete this easily . this is a large struggle with AI. Will this limit the ability for political freedom in the future if this continues? Once cancer is that if chatGPT continues to give bias responses it could mislead users in the future.  For example if it searches the web and finds a false story that has been repeated often, it could present it as true.  Given that a version of chatCPT is already a part of the BING search engine and google is developing it’s own AI for it’s serpentine, the future of information is murky at best. 

Mr. Menegoni, Principal at Hamilton Wenham, said, “you can make the technology like this and use technology like this but should we use it like this”. This is important and talked about issue right now, especially because of ChatGPT. Will chatGPT be used for the good or the bad and is this just the start of advancements in technology and AI? 

AI was able to make both the recipe and a real life picture of the cookies (Naomi Provost )

However, ChatGPT also has a fun and positive side. Nora Burnett was trying to make cookies with a few simple ingredients that she had in her pantry. Instead of looking up it up on the internet and not getting a recipe using the ingredients she wanted, she gave the command to chatGPT. It produced a cookie recipe using only the ingredients she listed.  Though she didn’t make the cookies, another AI, Padlet, was able to create an ordinal image based on the cookie description.

 ChatGPT could also have a positive impact on education. An article written by Kevin C. Costley, professor at Arkansas Tech University, says that chatGPT can, “increase student motivation, increased social interactions, positive outcomes, enhanced student learning, and enhanced student engagement. Technology is capable of unlocking keys of learning with all students.”

The real question is, how can this technology be used for the betterment of education and society instead of the worse? AI such as ChatGPT has both negative and positive aspects and only time will tell how humanity will utilize such technology moving forward.