10 Things to do under $10

Summer is almost here: With high schoolers finishing their finals, there is much to be excited about. While many families already have plans to travel during the vacation, there is still plenty of summer fun to be had locally.

Park near the Tea House where kids can play.

1 . Wenham Tea House Tuesdays

  • These events take place every Tuesday, from June 28th until August 9th
  • Mostly free activities are aimed at younger audiences, a good way to spend time or babysit younger siblings
  • If you’re looking for community service hours, they are looking for volunteers to help out during the Tuesday activities
  • For more info, visit their website at  https://www.wenhamvillageimprovementsociety.org/summer-program 


2. Hamilton Wenham Public Library


Map of Bradly Palmer Park

3. Bradley Palmer State Park

  • Great hiking/biking trails
  • Free wading pool for younger kids open daily from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm until Labor Day
  • Free walk-ins, $5 parking for MA residents
  • Pet friendly for those who want to walk their pets here, as long as your pet is on a leash


4. Hamilton 2022 Block Party

Veterans Memorial Pool in Hamilton is open to Hamilton and Wenham residents only.

5. Downtown Hamilton

  • Veterans Memorial Pool ($8-$9 for teens 3-18) and Patton Park.  Both great places to hang out.
  • Snack stops such as Cumberland Farms, Dunkin, CVS, etc. are also open to the public

6. Ravenswood Park

  • Hiking Trail in Gloucester
  • Perfect for hiking or biking
  • Pet friendly for those who want to walk their pets here


7. Salem Willows

  • Arcade games and great sidewalk Food for visitors
  • Beaches/ocean walks are open to the public too


8. St. Peter’s Fiesta, Gloucester

  • Celebration of the city’s commercial fishing and faith
  • The Greasy Pole contest will also take place. To summarize, the contest involves a telephone pole attached to a platform in the harbor. This pole is covered in “grease”, and a flag is put at the other end of the telephone pole. One by one, people will attempt to reach the end of the pole and grab the flag, or fall 20 feet into the water below (with the supervision of the local coastguard
  • Parades and boat races to watch during the day
  • The Festival starts on June 22 and ends on June 26


9. Free August Adventures in Boston


10. Gardens at Elm Bank, Wellesley Ma

  • $10 admission, Free for Horticultural Society Members
  • There is an AR contemporary exhibition, where all the artwork can be displayed by using your phone in the outdoor environment