“The Green Ribbon” Poem

This poem was written in honor of World Mental Health Day, which took place on Sunday October 10. This poem is meant to remind everyone that they are never alone and there is always enough light for all.

The Green Ribbon

You matter.

Everything you do,

Everything you say.

Looking in the mirror brings negative thoughts to many of us.

We see ourselves as too much of this, too much of that.

I am guilty of this and so are you. 

Feelings of hopelessness, uselessness, ugliness 

and shyness drown the positivity 

and wrap around our souls.

“Why am I the one sitting alone?

Why do they not talk to me?

What can I not see?”

Our heads begin to spin as everything just 

seems misplaced and un-belonging.

Breathing heavier and heavier and heavier, 

until it is almost unbearable to breathe stressful air 

brought forth from the blockades of teenage life.

All seems to be slipping further and further away.

Social media is filled with toothpick thin girls, 

Famous celebrities who have their career right in front of them.

All of these factors only make life seem darker and darker.

Amidst all of the pain, anger and unsettling emotions,

A glimmer appears and a light is slowly flickered on.

As you move closer to the new presence, you realize it is the color green.

The light becomes brighter, illuminating the millions of souls with a similarity.

We all go through the pain of a never ending life. But we are brought together.

This unity is the power of the green ribbon.